November Grateful

Day 12- Successful sales from Facebook Marketplace. I sold my Instant Pot. I sold it to a health care worker who was moving into a place with her family without financial help. We thanked each other for not be serial killers. (You know one is always leery of meeting strangers to sell items).

Day 13- Soft pajamas.

Day 14-Sunny days.

Day 15-For meals that taste good.

Day 16-To be able to apologize for being wrong and receiving grace.

Day 17-For my friend, Galina, who constantly shows me, I need to be gentle with myself.

November Thankful

Days 8-11

I am grateful for rainy days (Day 8), volleyball recreation (Day 9) and over the counter products (Day 10).

I am eternally grateful for the people who serve our Armed Forces. They dedicate their lives and sacrifice so much for all of us to be free in the U.S. (Day 11)

November Grateful

Day #3 (Nov. 3)

I am grateful for the ability to vote and how many more people voted in this election. Many had to wait in line for hours and travel many miles to do their civic duty. Voter suppression is real and needs to be stopped. God bless the people who fight for American Citizens to have that ability.